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Entrepreneurs, DON’T Make This Million-Dollar Mistake!

Despite the hundreds upon hundreds of emails and social media posts that run past your eyeballs in a day, it’s hard to miss some with subjects like this:

“Secret to Six Figures in One Month!”

“Invite Only: Listen to Millionaires Club Member Explain Her Formula”

“Make $30,000 in 30 Days”

“Earn Big $$$ With This One Simple Trick”

“Exponentially Grow Your Client List”

Before you know it, you’ve become a whirling dervish caught in a never-ending stream of get rich quick ideas. You may actually gain some valuable knowledge but if you never implement them, the time is not worth it.

One of my friends has had a nutrition-based business that has a direct sales framework for quite some years. He reads about the millionaires, listens to their podcasts, watches their videos, reads their blogs and books, and he gets so motivated to do great things in his business. Then he doesn’t do them. He doesn’t get out and network, or engage people on social media, and he definitely doesn’t sell very much of his product. Instead, he goes back and listens to more podcasts, buys more product, reads more blogs…and so on.

What is it really about the “millionaire marketing model” that is faulty? It is the mindset. It’s based on the assumption and limiting belief that millions of dollars is the definition of success. If that is true for you, that is fine, as long as you realize that sponging that information means nothing without action. The business of busyness leads to paralysis by analysis, thus, keeping you small which saves you the agony of failure. Because you have to actually do something in order to fail, it makes sense to keep yourself too busy to do anything. Often the desperation of being stuck is motivation enough to continue the cycle of learning without action. It’s like the sunken place for business owners: your eyes are open, you’re screaming on the inside, yet you can’t stop what’s happening. (Slow tear rolls down cheek.)

Sure, you could stop reading your emails, or you can get clear about your intention behind the behavior.

Realize that at the root of your compulsion to devour all the marketing or sales information there is out there is FEAR. These fears speak to you in many forms, so it may not be immediately clear (or comfortable) to acknowledge it as that.

Here are some other inner messages that may be blocking you from taking action:



limiting beliefs

inner critic

So, here, without a catch, a ploy, or an agenda, is the 5-step RESET strategy to changing this behavior and get yourself re-engaged with the purpose in your business. It may not make you a million dollars, but it may be worth it when you realize more time to apply yourself to making a buck!


Figure out how much time you have spent “educating” yourself with million-dollar madness…

  • In the last week

  • In the last month

  • In the last year


Now ask yourself, what you three things can accomplish with that time in your business. What would be the intention behind each of those three things?


Pick one of the three things that you are most motivated to do TODAY. Create a SMART goal (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound).


What one strength do you have that has worked for you in the past to achieve a goal similar to this?


The scarier truth is, those who have become the most successful in their businesses didn’t do it by setting out to make a million dollars. They did it with passion, creativity, and a genuine desire to help people with a product or service that met them where they needed it most. When you stop chasing dollars, you can be purpose-driven and authentic. THAT creates clients, and then the money will come.

Now that you have freed yourself from being a perpetual business student, how do you define the success of your business? How will you generate revenue in your business today?


Ready to RESET (Review/Energize/Strategize/Empower/Take Action)? Get started today and find out the power in your leadership levels with an Energy Leadership Index assessment. It’s like a credit report for your attitudes about work and life.

If you want to take things slow, you can stay connected by email, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Or if you’re ready to jump right in and find your qi in QueenSuite, book a strategy session!

My ideal clients meet the following criteria:

  1. My clients must be inspiring or have an inspiring mission.

  2. They must make, or be ready to make, a big impact.

  3. They must be fun.

  4. They must bring along a challenge.

Do you have what it takes to live more powerfully?

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