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10 Ways to Kick Start a Kick Ass Self-Improvement Month


September is an ideal time to start reviewing your year and figuring out if you are at an optimal place in relation to your goals. Whether you're making big changes to your life as you know it, or taking tiny baby steps, it all counts towards defining and designing success, and building a better you.

  1. Ditch the comfort zone. Doing something that scares you not only helps you develop, it will give you the confidence to continue growing and learning. Pick one thing the old version of you would never do—like taking a salsa class, going to the movies alone, or booking a flight to a country you’ve never visited—AND DO IT.

  2. Create a vision board. Seeing your thoughts laid out visually is bound to inspire you. (For help with this, check for the next time I’m offering a vision board workshop or schedule a private session to get started!)

  3. Start an exercise routine…for real this time. We often take for granted what

getting active can do for our brain, because, well SCIENCE! Just like stress causes chemical reactions in our brain, so does getting up and getting active. It's also a fantastic way to get out and meet new people--if you're into that kind of thing. Try this by making your next meeting an outdoor walking meeting, scheduling 30 minutes to listen to your favorite podcast while you’re on the elliptical, or by turning some housework into a workout!

  1. Pick up a new hobby. Like many of us who are allegedly too busy being responsible adults, countless people have lost touch with their sense of enjoyment because they no longer have time, energy, or money for their favorite hobbies. Bummer! So, pick up a new one that suits your new lifestyle. Some great examples that are just within reach: photography, food blogging, hair or makeup changes, or martial arts.

  2. Browse for some new music. If you're stuck in a rut, a quick way to change your mindset is by discovering emerging artists or songs that are not currently in regular rotation. Or if you're feeling particularly funky, you could always make your own music to get into a new creative groove. I’ve really been into Kamasi Washington.

  1. RESET your living- or workspace. Big changes in your life tend to manifest themselves in your physical spaces (believe me, just look around at a few of your coworkers’ desks). If you feel like your thoughts

have been a little messy or cluttered lately, reorganizing and cleaning out your living space can help bring a fresh perspective.

  1. Practice some self-care. It's important to regularly take some time out for yourself. Some light pampering can be as simple as a fun home facial, some deep tissue relief with a muscle roller, or guided meditation with essential oils.

  2. Read a book….fine, a blog. Whether you're trying to unlock some ancient secrets or just chill out, try and take thirty or so minutes out of your day to curl up with one.

  3. Have a leisurely breakfast. Try and plan your schedule so that you have some time for yourself in the morning. If you can take a few minutes to chill out, think through your goals and maybe laugh over a pastry or a protein shake, then you can approach the rest of the day with a lot more purpose and calm.

  1. Detox from your phone for 30 minutes. Every now and then it's good to detox from endless emails, push notifications, and texts. Whether it means silencing it, turning if off, hiding it in a desk drawer, or putting your phone on “do not disturb”, a little time away from the phone can help you be more present in the moment.


Ready to RESET (Review/Energize/Strategize/Empower/Take Action)? Get started today and find out the power in your leadership levels with an Energy Leadership Index assessment. It’s like a credit report for your attitudes about work and life.

If you want to take things slow, you can stay connected by email, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Or if you’re ready to jump right in and find your qi in QueenSuite, book a strategy session to get started!

My ideal clients meet the following criteria:

  1. My clients must be inspiring or have an inspiring mission.

  2. They must make, or be ready to make, a big impact.

  3. They must be fun.

  4. They must bring along a challenge.

  5. And they must understand the power of commitment.

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