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Convincing Your Boss to Let You Work from Home

As technology evolves and employee engagement hampers work productivity, remote work is becoming less taboo. After all, there are plenty of benefits: zero commute, higher productivity, and periods of quiet, uninterrupted time—for you. But how do you make a compelling case on the benefits for your boss and the company?

Be thoughtful. Consider your role and what would be required for you to efficiently and seamlessly work from home? What would your schedule look like? Would it make sense to work only one or two days remotely? Would it be every week, every other week, or once or twice a month? Make sure that your boss understands that you’re not looking to completely alter your schedule with a drastic change. Ease him/her into it gently.

Then, think about your boss’s objections and concerns. What resources and equipment would you need to be productive? What are the costs involved? What about important meetings? How dependent is your boss or your team on your presence? Make sure you are being considerate of the needs of the business before pursuing what you want for your own sanity/convenience/satisfaction.

Seize an opportunity to try it before you buy it. An unplanned instance like inclement weather or a highway closure may just be your chance to demonstrate that working from home is not such a crazy idea after all. Days that look like they could be a total loss by the time you arrive to the office may be days that you can prove how productive you can be away from the office by getting more [tasks] done.

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