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Reasons You Don’t Need a Resolution

Another year gone by and a fresh start on the horizon. Not everyone believes in making New Year’s Resolutions that they figure they are going to break anyway (although that in itself bears discussing what is lacking in your self-trust and commitment departments, but I digress). Nevertheless, if your approach to each year is simply “winging it” without a clear vision of what you would like to see happen or accomplish, that’s fine for you. I’m not here to tell you that you have to change. Nope, no preaching or imploring, and no soap-box rant on the importance of goals and clear direction. Instead, I’m going to acknowledge right up front that you’re right—you don’t have to change. Let's count down the reasons why:

You have no regrets. Feeling confident in your judgment and decision making paves a path for self-satisfaction and focused leadership. Assuming that you remain open-minded and flexible with new ideas and approaches, you surely have little doubt in your direction. Needless to say, you don’t lose sleep or waste time wondering, “Did I do the right thing? …What if I had? …How could I have let that happen? I can’t believe I did/said that.” You are always moving forward without dwelling too long on the past, as it cannot be undone.

You have all the answers. With confidence comes the ability to feel secure that what you know is all you need. You don’t feel compelled to learn anything new, unless, of course, you absolutely have to (darned technology). After all, there is nothing wrong with things just the way they are. There are no burning questions that leave you yearning for just a little more out of life. In fact, most of those around you rely on you to guide them with the answers to their problems and troubles. Late night calls from perplexed pals and constant invitations to dinner or drinks to mull over someone’s latest dilemmas fill your calendar. You are completely fulfilled, gratified, and content with life just as it is, thank you very much.

You are right where you are meant to be. Change? Bah! You have the same bathrobe, running sneakers, and living room curtains that you have had since your senior year in college. They’re all good—Bill Murray in “Groundhog’s Day” has nothing on you! Well, other than checking the expiration dates on the salad dressing in your fridge, you have everything just the way you like it. Literally and figuratively, it is only time to change things when it has broken…or it has holes, missing parts, and is no longer found to have instructional maintenance videos on YouTube.

You have no problems just letting go. On the other hand, you’re cool with moving on. Without hesitation, you are comfortable adjusting yourself in distressing circumstances by simply leaving the problems behind. Have a prickly boss who fails to recognize your contributions? No problem. Does your mother make you feel insecure about your choices? Never. Encounters of the awkward kind? Of course not—you are unshaken by day to day drama and you do not allow the past to predict your future.

You are already super-positive and optimistic about what is to come. Every day is an adventure! You wake up every Monday morning fresh and full of zest as you head off to tackle the challenges of the day with confidence and fervor! You see possibility and opportunity at every turn and you refuse to have your hopes dashed by any negative events.

You are free from worry. What? Me, worry? All of that optimism must mean you never have any persistent thoughts about the success of your relationships, health, career, business, or money. You are completely at peace with all aspects of your life, and you have no difficulty maintaining a positive attitude in the face of adversity. Your inner dialog is one of joy, and your brow, completely untouched by fillers, is evidence of this.​

You are resilient. You have nerves of steel and you are undaunted by rejection, opposition, and general antagonism. You embrace conflict as an opportunity and you have no fear or resistance to adapt properly to stress and adversity.

You know best how to take care of yourself. We’re not just talking about tying your own shoes and eating your veggies, here. You are completely in tune with what you need to feel good about your day and feel great about yourself. You check in periodically with yourself to ensure that your emotional needs are being met and your gauges are all full.

You don’t hesitate to take action. Most of all, when you feel you are coming up short, you strike! Like a military general, you strategize a plan of action, and you follow through! You will not be defeated.

What if you stood in the mirror and said each line out loud while looking yourself in the eye? Would you believe your image? If you struggled to see yourself as a personification of each of those descriptors, you may want to revise how you see the coming year playing out. Like I said, you don’t have to change. You may not even need to change. The bottom line is, in order for anything in your life or career to change, you have to want to change. Free of any external influence, it must be resolved within yourself that this year you are going to reach for something that you did not reach for or fully grasp in the previous year. Only you can dictate what your year’s journey will look like when you take that deep breath on December 31st and review the twelve months that have passed. Good and bad times are sure to fill your days, but you have 365 opportunities to change your attitude toward each moment you encounter. You are empowered—if you will yourself to be!

NOW, pick one of the lines above that you would like to connect with more and make it your daily mantra. Say it at the start of your day, or when you feel you need a boost. Some others you may use: I am more than good enough. Today is not ruled by yesterday. I can do this. I am the driver. I will be successful today. Too cool to use a mantra? No worries, just write the phrase on your bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker, save it as a pop-up on your smartphone, or write it on a sticky note in your wallet or portfolio. You are officially taking your first step away from a New Year’s resolution toward a New YOU REVolution!

Wishing you new and continued success!

More Power to You!

Happy New Year! Happy New You!

From: QueenSuite Personal & Professional Development

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