• Danielle N. Adams

Changing Your Mind

Creating a frame of mind that is inclusive of what matters most to YOU.

This week, we'll focus on mentality. Where is your head these days? We have so many things that we must juggle: work, family, friends, and what about having FUN sometimes? Really, 24 hours hardly seems like enough time to squeeze it all in. Or worse, maybe you're doing a poor job of it. Think about it:

  • How do you feel when you have not completed everything on your to-do list for the day?

  • What do you waste time on in a day?

  • How critical are you at the start of a day? ("Oh man, that meeting is going to be a mess later.")

  • What amount of eagerness or readiness do you approach your tasks with?

  • What happens when you are not the best version of yourself with your family/friends?

  • How do you feel when your partner/spouse is overly critical of you?

This week, take stock of how you are achieving balance in your life: what are your priorities and how do you maintain accountability for your personal goals? Then, consider how you express gratitude for the things that are good in your life. To help in getting you started, you're invited to download some of QueenSuite's coaching tools FREE. These are exercises to assess your current satisfaction with different areas of your life, to identify your priorities, help you identify some possible non-priorities that are taking up your time, and to empower you on when to just say NO. Definitely watch the video below as well!


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