Originally from the Jersey Shore, I now live in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. You could say I'm a "Jersylvanian"! I call myself a reformed retail banking professional. I spent more than 15 years serving in multiple service, sales, business development, small business lending and managerial roles.


Since the official inception of my business in 2014, I have taken a great deal of pride in successfully reinventing myself from my rise in the financial services world to my RESET as a business leader, creating my own “C-suite” with QueenSuite.


Today, I work primarily with professionals looking to shine or straighten their crown.


RESET™, my signature success system, has become the system I utilize with my clients as a means of moving to action. My coaching philosophy is grounded in my belief that you can powerfully change and create balance in your life, positively impact your community, and achieve success however you define it and design it simply by advocating for yourself first and knowing when to RESET™. Realize your value, Energize your mojo, Simplify & Strategize an actionable plan, Empower your abilities, and TAKE ACTION.


Enough about me--let's talk about you! What do you want to achieve from coaching?

•          Do you have any specific goal/s or issue/s to resolve/meet? Where are you in your journey?

•          What’s stopping you or getting in your way? 

•          How will you know when you have achieved those goals?

•          How do you define success?

•          What has your experience been with being coaching/mentored? How have they been?



Which areas of your day to day life could be more optimal? Where would you like to see improved results? Where do you see yourself in 12 months and who is helping you g...
30 Minute Strategy Session


>>> International Coaching Federation, ACC accreditation

This one of a kind attitudinal assessment will give you personalized insight into behaviors that are directly or indirectly impacting your leadership ability, career traj...
Leadership Assessment + Debrief

My vision is for professionals who find yourselves in the minority, disengaged, and disempowered to achieve success and balance (qi), however you define it and design it, because you truly have the answers within and it is my honor and privilege to give more power to your purpose.


My coaching style has been described as…

  • collaborative,

  • developmental,

  • awareness building,

  • challenging,

  • direct,

  • energetic,

  • supportive,

  • strategic,

  • and transformational.

My Coaching Philosophy


We start our work together by getting an all-inclusive understanding of your view of the world--what matters to you, where you find meaning, what you want, what will bring you the most joy—when things go the way you planned or when you’re experiencing stress. Then we work together to figure out what gets in the way and how choosing a different mindset or attitude affects the outcome.

Once we establish the intended objectives for our work together, each session focuses on: where you are, what came up in the application of your agreed upon explorations, and which best actions, reflections or practices will support you in generating what you wish to create. I find that work/life balance often creeps into engagements.​

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